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Brakes MAGURA MT7 HC3 RED + Rotors MAGURA Storm HC (203+203mm)
Brakes MAGURA MT7 HC3 RED + Rotors MAGURA Storm HC (203+203mm)
Brakes MAGURA MT7 HC3 RED + Rotors MAGURA Storm HC (203+203mm)

Brakes MAGURA MT7 HC3 RED + Rotors MAGURA Storm HC (203+203mm)


Special edition of MAGURA MT7 disc brakes in red color with MAGURA HC3 lever and MAGURA Storm HC discs (203mm+203mm). The MAGURA MT7 HC3 RED model is a modified version of MAGURA's most powerful 4-piston brake for Trail, Enduro, HD and Gravity disciplines. Best 4-piston brake in the MAGURA range. The lever body is made of the unique Carbotecture SL® material developed directly by MAGURA. This special edition features the unique MAGURA HC3 1-finger end lever, which allows you to adjust the brake power and the distance from the handlebars. The MAGURA 4-piston caliper is made of one piece of metal and comes with MAGURA 8.P Performance pads. The Performance organic pad compound is versatile for every situation. The brake lever is flip-flop and can therefore be used on the left or right hand.

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Brake lever

  • the brake lever body is made of a special MAGURA Carbotecture SL® material, which MAGURA has been developing for its MAGURA MT and HS brakes for several years
  • MAGURA Carbotecture SL® is a blend of medium-length carbon fibre and special high-tech polymers, which makes the MAGURA MT7 PRO lever lightweight yet very strong
  • unique 1-finger MAGURA HC3 brake lever with a very comfortable grip and the possibility of adjusting the braking power and distance from the handlebars
  • the clamp that holds the lever on the handlebar is made of forged aluminium and the lever can be removed from the handlebar without removing the grips or the shifter
  • the clamp can be interchanged with MAGURA Shiftmix for mounting Shimano or Sram shifters (sold separately) directly on the clamp - see info below
  • precision-engineered and tested hydraulic radial system, perfect running and brake sensitivity using MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
  • lever is equipped with EBT Torx T25 bleed screw (Easy Bleed Technology) for easy bleeding (see video below)
  • the lever includes small stickers with the MT7 PRO inscription which can be exchanged for others, or you can design your own unique design (e.g. with your own name) using a MAGURA voucher for a custom sticker design
  • the end lever can be exchanged for a special model MAGURA HC3MAGURA HC-W SL, or MAGURA HC Carbon (levers sold separately)
  • for more information on end levers see article MAGURA MT end levers

Brake caliper

  • MAGURA MT7 PRO caliper is made in mystic-grey color
  • MAGURA MT7 PRO 4-piston caliper has black piston nuts with red color cover rings
  • the coloured caliper rings can be exchanged for another colour (sold separately) see MAGURA MT caliper rings
  • the caliper is equipped with magnetic Xchange pistons that hold the brake pads in place, so there is no need to use a spacer spring between the brake pads
  • banjo brake hose connection using a torx T25 wrench, which makes it possible to point the caliper hose in the right direction
  • post mount (PM) mounting of the brake caliper to fork / frame
  • the caliper is supplied with MAGURA 8.P pads or a model with Performance compound
  • this is a pad model where each piston is fitted with a separate pad and each piston works independently of the other
  • the MAGURA Performance compound is an organic all-rounder for any situation
  • the caliper is made of a single piece of forged aluminium and there is no loss of power as with a split caliper
  • M6 bolts are also included for attaching the caliper to the frame or fork (using a torx T25 wrench)

Brake hose

  • the brake is supplied with a 5mm diameter kevlar hydraulic hose
  • the length of the unshortened hose is 2200mm
  • parts for shortening the hose to the required length are also included (4x hose barbed fitting / 4x hose olive)

Disc rotor type

  • brakes MAGURA MT7 HC3 RED are supplied with 2x brake disc rotor STORM HC 203mm


  • weight of 1x brake is 255g including full length of hose (without disc and fixing M6 screws)
  • weight of 1x disc: 203mm (173g / piece) + 15g screws for mounting on the hub
  • weight of brake set incl. discs = 916g incl. screws

Included in package

  • 2x brake MAGURA MT7 RED | HC 3-finger lever
    • lever + hose + caliper with brake pads / filled with oil and ready to go
  • 2x disc rotor MAGURA Storm HC 203mm
  • 4x hose olive MAGURA
  • 4x hose barbed fitting MAGURA
  • 4x stopper against leakage of liquid from the hose when shortening it
  • 4x M6 screw (torx T25) for tightening of caliper on frame / fork
  • 4x washer below M6 screw
  • 1x manual MAGURA MT
  • 2x set of stickers MAGURA
  • 4x yellow tranposrt and caliper spacer MAGURA between pads

Handlebar clamps for shifters (sold sepparately):

  • if you want to combine brake lever and SHIMANO or SRAM shiffter on one clamp, you need use special MAGURA Shiftmix clamp
  • Shimano iSpec I a iSpec II = MAGURA Shiftmix 1+2
  • Shimano iSpec EV = MAGURA Shiftmix 4
  • Sram Matchmaker = MAGURA Shiftmix 3

Important notice

For correct instalation please read the manual delivered with the brake!
For proper instalation of the lever is necessary to mount the brake clamp correctly - with the arrows on the clamp (pointing up). There is necessary to tight the upper bolt on clamp so it touches the brake lever body without any gap! Than tight the bottom bolt to the maximum 4Nm! There will be small gap on bottom between the clamp and brake body. Overtightening can cause damage of the brake clamp or lever body! This overtightening is not covered with the warranty!

5-Year leak proof warranty

Magura offers 5 year leak proof guarantee! MAGURA grants the FIRST BUYER a 5-year leak proof guarantee on brake masters, calipers and cylinders if the brake is mounted on a bicycle as original equipment or has been purchased from a dealer as a retrofit. The guarantee is valid for five years from the date of purchase. Registration for the 5-year leak proof guarantee is not necessary.

Video - Installation

Video - Hose shortening

Video - Filling and bleeding

Video - Fast bleeding


Data sheet

Brake pad compound
Lever brake position
Left hand
Right hand
Brake caliper pistons
Brake model line
Brake use
Trail / All Mountain
Brake caliper mount
Post Mount (PM)
Brake lever blade
Brake clamp material
Brake pad model
8.P Performance
HIGO compatibility

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Brakes MAGURA MT7 HC3 RED + Rotors MAGURA Storm HC (203+203mm)

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