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Working with tubing

Special tools for working with hydraulic brake hoses from MAGURA, HOPE and many other manufacturers. Hose clamps, hose mandrel presses and other useful tools to make it easier to work with hoses when shortening them or preparing them for connection to the brake lever or caliper.

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MAGURA clamp blocks for barbed fittings

Price 240 Kč

MAGURA tool for easy installation of barbed fittings. Useful for MAGURA HS plastic hose and also MAGURA kevlar hose for MT brakes. Made from high durable plastic. Two sepparate clamps blocks which will fit inside each other thanks to small protrusions on the edge. Blocks is possible to mount...

MAGURA tubing cutter

Price 500 Kč

MAGURA tubing cutter for hose shortening. Tubing cutter is made from hardened plastic with inserted cutting plate. With this cutter is possible to cut the kevlar MAGURA MT hose and also plastic MAGURA HS hose very fast and straight. Necessary gear in every garage! BE AWARE! This tubing cutter is...

Barbed fitting tool for hydraulic tubes Magura

Price 1,750 Kč

Magura barbed fitting tool for hydraulic brake hoses. This tool is perfect for professional bike workshops but also home use. Thanks to this tool is barbed fitting installation very fast and easy. It can be done in few minutes just in your hands without any other necessary tool. In the barbed...