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MAGURA is one of the few brands on market, which is focused on the brake development and also offer to change the lever blades on their levers from Carbotecture® a Carbotecture SL® for other types, then standard ones which are installed on the brakes from the start. With only small change of the lever blade you can change few properties of your MAGURA brakes including breaking power, modulation, leverage, distance from handlebars or the size of finger area. We will look closer on the properties of each MAGURA lever blade models.

1-finger MAGURA lever blades

This category offers most of the possible choices how to tune your MAGURA brakes exactly about to your liking. Braking only with one finger is very safe, because you can use other fingers to hold the handlebars and also very comfortable, because you can modulate your brake power more precisely thank with two or three fingers. So those are reasons why MAGURA is focusing on this category of brake levers more than others. MAGURA offers longer and also shorter lever blades with the possibility to set the distanace from handlebars and also set a amount of braking power they can deliver.

MAGURA HC aluminium lever

Maybe the most favourite lever blade in this category of 1-finger MAGURA lever blades is 1-finger aluminium HC lever blade. This blade is supplied alos on brakes like MAGRURA MT7 PROMT8 PRO or MT TRAIL SPORT, but you can buy this lever blade sepparately for other MAGURA MT brakes like MT5 and MT5.

MAGURA 1-finger HC lever blade compare with other types have very low weight. The feel after push the lever blade is very firm and lever blade is less spongy. Delivery of braking power / modulation needs bit more sensitive fingers and if you push the lever blade hard, the power delivery comes very fast just with only one finger use. Lever blade includes the seeting of distance of lever blade from handlebars from short to medium distance. It is very good for those which have shorter fingers but also for those which have bit longer fingers. Thanks to their lenght can lever bring middle high braking power, which is very universal from Cross-Country across Enduro to Downhill Racing. Ofcourse everything depends on that, how you fingers stronger are, but this lever blade will not betray you in any situation!

MAGURA lever blades for 1-finger are made in various models with the possibility to set the distance from handlebars without any other tool necessary. So the lever blade have small wheel, which you can use also during your riding to set the desired distance. These lever blades you can find on MAGURA MT7 and MAGURA MT8 or also MT6. MAGURA also offer cheaper variants where you need one tool - 3mm alleny key to set the distance from handlebars. So if you are ok with the distance of lever from handlebars on every type of trail or in every condition - this is the right choice for you!

Páčka MAGURA HC hliníková 1-prstá

MAGURA HC carbon lever blade

Identical in shape, distance, power and modulation but not in material to the HC aluminium lever is the MAGURA HC Carbon lever blade. With this lever, MAGURA is heading into the world of MTB Cross-Country and other performance disciplines. MAGURA offers a carbon lever to further reduce the weight of already lightweight brakes. The carbon lever is less conductive to the cold, reducing the chance of frozen fingers in the colder months. Thus, the lever not only reduces weight and looks great, but also increases comfort!

Karbonová páčka MAGURA HC 1-prstá

MAGURA HC-W aluminium lever blade

The 1-finger aluminium lever MAGURA HC-W is a modified version of the HC lever. The main difference between these levers is the distance from the handlebar and the size of the finger resting area. It does not bring more power or change the modulation. This lever was developed by the World Downhill Champion Loic Bruni, who has very long fingers and it was necessary to modify the HC lever to fit him better in demanding downhill runs, world championships and world championships. However, MAGURA decided that Loic would not be alone and that the HC-W lever could be appreciated by many more riders. Now you can buy this lever too!

Lever blade HC-W is possible to assemble on MAGURA MT2 / MAGURA MT SPORT / MAGURA MT4 a MAGURA MT5 viz. lever MAGURA HC-W but also for brakes MAGURA MT7, MAGURA MT8 a MAGURA MT TRAIL SLlever MAGURA HC-W SL


Páčka MAGURA HC-W 1-prstá

MAGURA HC3 lever blade

The imaginary king among the 1-finger levers is the MAGURA HC3, which was developed in collaboration with Danny MacAskill and based on the model of brake levers for motorcycles, where two-part models of adjustable levers have been used for several years. The MAGURA HC3 lever is compatible with MAGURA MT6, MT7, MT8 and MT TRAIL SL brake models or brakes that use Carbotecture SL® material levers. The MAGURA HC3 lever is specific in that it is composed of two separate parts and thus offers very interesting possibilities for adjusting the braking power and the distance from the handlebars. The length of the lever has been reduced so that it does not press on the knuckles of the fingers when pressing on the handlebars.

These options make it possible to adjust the brake more to your preference.

Increasing the leverage ratio = increasing the braking power and at the same time decreasing the modulation and the associated increase in lever travel. This can help you in dry conditions, where you need more braking power.

Decrease the leverage ratio = decrease braking power while increasing modulation and associated shortening of the lever step. This can help in wet, slippery conditions, where more modulatio is necessary.

The power the HC3 lever can generate is about the same as the HC levers (carbon and aluminum) at the lowest overdrive, but with the ability to increase the overdrive it is possible to go far beyond the standard HC lever!

The other part of the lever can be adjusted and the distance from the handlebars can be adjusted to basically adjust where the lever takes up, or to keep you from pushing on your finger clubs when braking.

MAGURA HC3 1-prstá páčka

2-finger MAGURA lever blades

The MAGURA 2-finger levers are an integral part of the MAGURA MT2, MAGURA MT SPORT, MAGURA MT4 2-piston brakes as well as the MAGURA MT5 entry-level 4-piston model. All of these brakes feature a 2-finger lever in their default and basic version - either aluminium or Carbotecture® material. Due to their greater length, these brake levers generate more pressure on the piston in the lever and thus more braking power. Let's take a closer look at the two types of levers that MAGURA offers.

MAGURA 2-fingeraluminium lever blade

This lever is available for example on the MAGURA MT4 2-piston brake but also on the MAGURA MT5 basic 4-piston brake. As mentioned above, the advantage of 2-finger levers is mainly the larger lever and therefore the pressure on the piston. The levers are 12mm longer than the HC 1-finger levers and can thus generate a really noticeably higher pressure on the lever piston, which is further transmitted to the caliper. The 2-finger version is slightly further away from the handlebar than the HC 1-finger lever and is therefore more suitable for medium to longer fingers. The lever has a distance adjustment, but the default closest point is slightly further away than e.g. the HC 1-finger lever. However, due to the longer length, it feels more "rubbery" on first comparison with the HC 1-finger variant. Which does give a slightly greater degree of modulation, but some may not be entirely comfortable with this rubberier action. So it's up to the rider's preference whether they want a longer lever with a bit more power and modulation but a more rubbery action, or a shorter one with less modulation but a precisely specifiable point at which the brake really bites the wheel to a stop and a firm lever action when depressed without the rubbery onset.

The 2-finger levers have one small disadvantage and that is weight. Since they are simply longer, they also have a slightly higher mass. Their shape and profiling is tailored to withstand high stresses due to their greater length, so more material is needed. However, if more of that 1-finger isn't enough for you at certain times, the 2-finger version has more finger support space so you can easily add a second finger to multiply the braking power of a tired single finger.

Páčka MAGURA 2-prstá hliníková

MAGURA 2-finger Carbotecture® lever blade

In principle, the Carbotecture® version of the lever offers the same properties as the aluminium version. However, there are minor differences. The Carbotecture® lever can still feel a bit more rubbery and is definitely recommended for 2-piston brakes. It is not advisable to use this lever where maximum braking power is needed, such as on 4-piston brakes. This is also the reason why the lever is used on the MAGURA MT2 and MT SPORT versions. These are 2-piston brakes that offer more modulation thanks to the use of the Carbotecutre® lever.

Compared to the aluminium version, the Carbotecure® lever has a clear advantage - and that is weight! It is essentially the lightest version of the lever. Regardless of the material used, it is lighter than, for example, the carbon HC lever. So if, more than maximum performance, you are looking for a money-saving lever with the addition of power modulation, you can choose this basic lever without the slightest hesitation!

MAGURA páčka Carbotecure® 2-prstá

MAGURA lever blade comparsion diagram

And that's basically all MAGURA offers today. Different lever lengths, different materials, different settings, different power, modulation and other elements that belong to brakes. So everyone can find the lever of their choice and decide whether they prefer the aluminium 1-finger version or the Carbotecture® 2-finger version, or whether they want to tune the performance with the HC3 lever. MAGURA caters to its customers in this respect and gives them the possibility to make personal adjustments as they wish.

Finally, perhaps we'll just add the official MAGURA brake lever comparison chart and how you should set up your lever in relation to height, finger length, etc.

Diagram porovnání páček brzd MAGURA MT

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