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MAGURA HS11 hydraulic rim brakes are great for use on city bikes or City bikes where extreme power is not needed, but rather better dosage when moving around town and on cycle paths. The hydraulics are also very precise and maintenance free! This is the basic model of Magura's rim hydraulic radial brakes.

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Hydraulic rim brake MAGURA HS11 | black | EVO2 | 3-finger

Price 1,388 Kč Regular price 1,850 Kč

Hydraulic rim brake Magura HS11, which is one legendary model of rim brakes from MAGURA! HS11 brake is a entry model of rim brakes from MAGURA HS family. Precise rim brake which is almost maintenance-free! Brake is possible to mount on every V-Break mounts (Cantisocket pivot) thanks to EVO2...

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