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The HOPE Tech 4 Trial Zone range is designed exclusively for trials and stree-trials bikes. The brake is manufactured on CNC machines in Barnoldswick, England, where HOPE is based and also manufactures all its components. The brake features a Tech 4 brake lever, which is the successor to the Tech 3 lever in many ways. Unlike other MTB bike brake models, it has a 2-piston caliper with very large pistons that deliver instant and maximum stopping power that stops a trials bike in its tracks in no time! The HOPE Tech 4 Trial Zone brake has very little power modulation due to the proportionally large caliper pistons. Its dosage is thus tailored to the start-stop system needed in trials. HOPE Tech Trial Zone brakes are delivered filled with brake fluid and vented, ready to be mounted on the bike. These are some of the best trials disc brakes you can buy on the market and, thanks to the availability of spare parts down to the last bolt, also very easy to repair if needed.

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