Deliveries of the subject of performance (ordered goods) will be made as soon as possible, depending on the availability of the product and the operational capabilities of the seller. These are the working days that elapse from the binding confirmation of the order and its delivery to the buyer. In the event that the delivery time is longer or the goods cannot be delivered, the Customer shall be informed immediately upon discovering this fact.

The place of collection is determined on the basis of the buyer's order. Personal collection in our shop is not possible. Delivery of the object of performance to the place specified by the buyer is deemed to have been fulfilled. The delivery does not include installation of the object of performance. Transportation to the destination address is provided by the seller. The shipment of goods always contains proof of payment (tax receipt).

We recommend that you thoroughly inspect the goods immediately upon receipt of the goods from the carrier. If the packaging is damaged or if there are any other facts that indicate that the goods themselves may be damaged, we recommend that you do not accept the shipment or that you make a note of the damage to the shipment with the driver of the transport service. If the Buyer does not promptly point out the defects in the consignment, the Supplier may claim compensation from the Buyer for any damage incurred in connection with the delay. A written record of the damage will facilitate the settlement of any claim.

By signing the delivery note to the carrier, the customer agrees to accept the goods and confirms that the shipment is not mechanically damaged. Therefore, you should carefully check the packaging and, in the case of appliances wrapped in plastic film, the goods themselves before signing.

If the customer does not accept the ordered shipment, he/she causes damage to the seller (postage, packaging...), which can be subsequently enforced by civil law!

All prices listed below are inclusive of statutory VAT.

When buying goods over 5 000,-CZK is free shipping!



Shipping is possible to the countries listed below. It is not possible to send your orders to countries other than those listed below via e-shop.

If you need a shipment delivered to a country other than those listed below, please contact us at and we will try to offer you other shipping options. Depending on the carrier's choice, the goods are delivered directly to the address specified in the order, or to a drop-off point where you can collect the parcel in person.

All shipments are insured and can be tracked using each carrier's Trac&Trace system. Links to track shipments for each carrier are listed below.

The e-shop will automatically offer the most suitable carrier according to the type of goods ordered and the destination country and, on the contrary, will exclude from the offer carriers who cannot transport the order to your chosen destination country.

The e-shop will automatically calculate the shipping price of the selected carrier according to the type of goods ordered (final size and weight of the package) and add it to the price of the order. Please note that when calculating the shipping price, the conversion from CZK to EUR is made according to the current exchange rate. The prices in the table are only indicative. The actual shipping price will be determined by the e-shop during your order.

For countries that are not in the EU zone, special shipping conditions may apply, as well as different customs rates and VAT payments. Please contact your customs office for this information to clarify the conditions of customs rates and obligations as a recipient of the goods.

If the e-shop does not offer any shipping option, please contact us by email: and we will try to offer you other shipping options.

We reserve the right to change the "Terms of Delivery" listed on the web portal