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Disc brake Magura MT8 PRO with 1-finger brake lever model Magura HC-1. Perfect 2-piston brake made for XC or TRAIL. Flip-flop brake lever which you can use on left or right side. Lever body is made from Carbotecture SL® material. Red detail of MT8 logo and silver brake caliper made from 1-piece of high durable aluminium. Great combination, which will fit...

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Hydraulic disc brake Magura MT5 eSTOP is model, which is optimized for MTB e-bikes use even on the hardest conditions, for the most demanding riders! Brake is made with 4-piston caliper, which offers enormous braking power. Lever body is made from unique Carbotecture® material in combination with aluminium 2-finger lever blade. Caliper is made from one...

Price 1,942 CZK

Carbon 1-finger lever blade MAGURA HC made from unique carbon Carbolay® materials patented by MAGURA. Lever blade is made for braking with only 1-finger. The push pin is perfectly positioned so the power delivery from lever blade is very good with only 1-finger! Possible to set the distance from handlebars with 3mm allen key. Lever blade is compactible...

Price 620 CZK

Pressure switch MAGURA in T shape for many purposes, like lights up your brake light or motor cut-off on your e-bike. Pressure switch is supplied with all necessary barbed connections (barbed fittings, shroud nuts, olives) which you will use for the MAGURA hose connection (plastic and also kevlar). Hose from the lever is inserted in the pressure switch on...

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Special tool for easy change of MAGUAR MT lever blade. This tool is compactible with all models of MAGURA MT brakes from year 2015. Tool is made from 3D printed composite. It is possible to remove the lever pin out and also push it back easily in new lever blade. Tools is supplied including special steel punch.

Price 455 CZK

Magura Shiftmix 1+2 is lever clamp for Magura HS and also Magura MT brake levers on which you can easily mount your Shimano I-Spec I+II trigger shifter. Save space on your handlebars with this brake lever clamp! You will have more space for fork / shock controls or dropper post directly on your handlebars.

Price 413 CZK

Do you want to design your own cover for your MAGURA MT brake lever? Now you have option to buy this voucher and make your own design of cover on website https://www.customizeyourbrake.com. The cover will be delivered directly to you! You will receive 4pcs of cover resp. for whole pair of brakes (front + rear). Cover si compactible with brakes MAGURA MT...

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Hydraulic disc brake MAGURA MT5e is perfect 4-piston brake for electric MTB e-bikes or also for electric e-scooters. MAGURA MT5e is a updated basic entry level in 4-piston MAGURA MT brake family with HIGO-Open cable and connector for motor disengaging during braking. It is great brake with a good ration between price and braking power. MAGURA MT5e brake...

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