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MAGURA model series

Rim brakes

Original spare parts for hydraulic rim brakes Magura HS11, HS22, HS33. Bolts, washers, connectors and mounts, closing bolts, sealings and other small parts for Magura brakes.

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Washer for MAGURA EVO2 adapter booster

Price 19 Kč

Washer for MAGURA EVO2 adapter booster of hydraulic rim brakes MAGURA HS11, HS22, HS33. Washer is used below the bolt head which tighten the booster to the MAGURA EVO2 adapter (upper bolt). Sold by 1pc of washer.

MAGURA HS cylinder washer | EVO adapter

Price 20 Kč Regular price 22 Kč

Magura rim brake washer for Magura hydraulic rim brakes HS11, HS22, HS33 calipers. Washer is made from durable plastic and it is mounted directly on the calipers body. You can adjust the distane and angle of the calipers easily thanks to the washer. Also the washer helps to keep the calipers...

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