Hoses and connectors

Original spare parts for Magura MT disc brakes and also Magura hydraulic rim brakes HS11, HS22, HS33. Hoses, barbed fittings, sleve nuts, olives and all other spare parst to connect the hose with lever or caliper. Hoses from plastic but also from kevlar for disc brake Magura.

Price 12 CZK

Olive for brake hoses Magura. Olive can be used for kevlar and also plastic Magura hoses. You will use this olive after cable shortening or new installation / replacement of master. Olive will press the hose inside the lever or caliper thanks to sleeve nut, so the hose is firmly connected to the Magura lever or caliper. Olive is made from soft metal, so...

Price 21 CZK

Bold Magura for closing of bleed port in caliper Maguar HS11, HS22, HS33, HS33 R and Gustav M. Bold have M6 screw and head with inbus key or torx T25. Bold is made from durable steel and is possible to use it repeatedly.

Price 25 CZK

Sleeve nut for rim brake calipers of Magura HS11, HS22, HS33 and also RT6 and RT8. Sleeve nut nut hose tightening in the caliper. Sleeve nut will help you with tightening of olive on the hose and seal the whole braking system. Sleeve nut is made for all models of hydraulic rim brakes Magura.

Price 29 CZK

Sleeve nut Magura for hydraulic rim brakes Magura HS11, HS22 and HS33 and also complete Magura MT series made from Carbotecture® material. Sleeve nuts keeps the hose with olive inside the lever and press the olive inside. Sleeve nut M9 is made from durable steel and it is possible to use it repeatedly during the hose shortening or complete change.

Price 37 CZK

Original barbed fitting with m6 screw for Magura hose. This barbed fitting is used with all brakes which uses plastic hose like rim brakes Magura HS11, HS22, HS33, HS33 R, or MT2. Barbed fitting should be pressed in the hose with special tool or inside vise with proper adapters and hammer.

Price 41 CZK

Spare original MAGURA bolt in EBT bleed port for disc brake calipers MAGURA MT (all models 2015 / 2017 / 2019 / 2-piston / 4-piston). Small bolt is made from steel and keeps the fluid inside the braking system. BE AWARE! Tightening torque of this bleed port bolt is max. 4Nm, or you can damage it!

Price 45 CZK

Bleeding and filling bolt / barbed fitting MAGURA for all disc brakes Magura MT and Magura HS rim brakes. Bolt have a shorter thread M6 and it is supplied with 2x o-ring which better seals the system when connected to caliper. O-ring is possible to put on the bolt thread side. We recoomend to use transparent bleeding hose. Bolt is supplied as 1pc (1pc of...

Price 83 CZK

Replacement screw for banjo hose connection to MAGURA MT brake caliper with rotatable connection. The screw is hollow with a drilled hole for the passage of mineral oil through the brake system. The screw can be tightened with a torx T25. The maximum tightening torque for the MAGURA MT banjo is 3Nm!