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Post Mount (PM)

Brake adapters for Post Mount (PM). Adapters which will help you reduce fork or frame PM mount to brake caliper PM mount with rotor diameter from 160mm to 220mm. All MAGURA, HOPE adapters are made from high quality aluminium alloy and are supplied with bolts for tightening to Your bike - frame of fork. To choose the right adapter, you must first know what size of Post Mount (without the adapter) you have on your bike and then determine what size of disc rotor you want to use. Then select +20, +23, +40 or + 43mm adapter. E.g. if the PM mount without an adapter on your fork is made for 160mm disc and you want to enlarge the disc rotor to 203mm you need a +43mm adapter. The same procedure can be used to determine the correct size of the adapter when increasing the diameter of the disc rotor on rear brake - on the frame.

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