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Brake lever MAGURA HS11 | Carbotecture® | 3-finger

Brake lever MAGURA HS11 | Carbotecture® | 3-finger


Replacement for MAGURA lever HS22. Lever is flip-flop so you can use it on both hands (left or right). Longer 3-finger lever blade gives you maximum brake power and also great modulation. Lever MAGURA HS22 have toolles distance setting from handlebars (3 positions) and also TPA wheel for fast setting of brake pads distance from rim. Lever is made from MAGURA patented Carbotecture® material, which is strong and still keeps the weight on minimum. Handlebar clamp and also the lever is possible to remove without removing your grips. Handlebar clamp can be changes for SRAM / SHIMANO trigger compactible (or dropper post). Supplied also with sleeve nut and olive for hose installation.

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Lever body

  • lever body is made from patented MAGURA Carbotecture® material
  • Carbotecture® is a special mixture of polymers and carbon thanks to which is light and still very durable
  • lever have EBT bleed port for easy bleeding without any other necessary connectors or special reductions
  • 2-bolt Carbotecture® handlebar clamp for mounting on handlebars - possible to remove lever without removing grips
  • handlebar clamp is possible to change for SRAM / SHIMANO trigger compactible clamp
  • for SRAM trigger = MAGURA Shiftmix 3
  • for SHIMANO iSpec II+II trigger = MAGURA Shiftmix 1+2
  • for SHIMANO iSpec EV trigger = MAGURA Shiftmix 4
  • lever is filp-flop so you can use it on left or right hand
  • 14mm brake piston delivers very good braking power

Lever blade

  • lever blade is made from patented MAGURA Carbotecture®
  • 3-finger longer lever blade model which deliver great braking power and still good modulation
  • possible to set distance for brake pads from rim with torx T25 key
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Data sheet

Lever brake position
Left hand
Right hand
MAGURA lever series
Brake lever blade
Brake clamp material
HIGO compatibility

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Brake lever MAGURA HS11 | Carbotecture® | 3-finger

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