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Brake lever MAGURA MT8 SL | HC Carbon | 1-finger

Brake lever MAGURA MT8 SL | HC Carbon | 1-finger


Brake lever for Magura MT8 SL model HC resp. with 1-finger Carbon brake lever blade and also carbon clamp. MT8 SL brake is the best models of brake lever from whole Magura MT brake family. Brake lever is made completely from unique material Carbotecture SL®. Brake lever is flip-flop so you can use the lever on left or right side of handlebars. Supplied without BAT wheel (disc pads - rotor distance). The brake lever blade is made from special Carbolay® Carbon material patented by MAGURA. Possible to set the lever distance from handlebars with 3mm allen key. Weight of the whole lever is only 70g (with shroud nut and olive - supplied in the package).

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- brake lever MAGURA MT8 SL is made from special Carbotecture SL® material which was developed by Magura especialy for their unique needs for whole family of Magura MT brakes
- ergonomic brake lever blade made from Carbon resp. patented Carbolay® for good touch with which with the high effeciency of power transfer from finger directly to caliper
- easy installation of brake lever where is not necessary remove grips
- handlebar clamp is also made from Carbon - Carbolay® material
- smooth movement of lever thanks to Magura Royal Blood mineral oil
- made for 2-piston Magura MT brake caliper
- possible to install BAT wheel for easy lever adjustement (is not a supplied with brake lever)
- adjustement of lever blade distance from handlebars thanks to 3mm allen key
- easy bleeding of whole brake system thanks to EBT (Easy Bleed Technology)
- weight: 70g (with shroud nut and olive - supplied in the package).

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Brake lever MAGURA MT8 SL | HC Carbon | 1-finger

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