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Hydraulic rim brake MAGURA HS33 | silver | 2-finger
Hydraulic rim brake MAGURA HS33 | silver | 2-finger
Hydraulic rim brake MAGURA HS33 | silver | 2-finger

Hydraulic rim brake MAGURA HS33 | silver | 2-finger


The MAGURA HS33 hydraulic rim brake is a MAGURA legend! The HS33 is the highest model in the MAGURA range of rim hydraulic brakes! A precision crafted rim brake that requires almost no maintenance! The brake can be mounted on classic V-Break / Cantisocket mounts using the EVO2 adapters included in the package. The brake is supplied with a 2000mm long MAGURA hydraulic plastic hose. Also included are parts to shorten the hose to the required length. The brake is filled with MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil. The lever is made of MAGURA's patented Carbotecture® material. The HS33 brake calipers are made from one piece of forged aluminium.

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Ráfková brzda MAGURA HS33 je vrcholným modelem ráfkových hydraulických brzd celé modelové řady HS. Jedná se o brzdu s kovanými třmeny extrémně jednoduchým systémem pro snadné odvzdušnění a údržbu. Brzda MAGURA HS33 je známá svým téměř bezúdržbovým provozem. Neporazitelná klasika MAGURA HS33 je vhodná od městských kol, přes elektrokola s vysokou vahou. Ráfkové brzdy jsou poháněné minerálním olejem MAGURA Royal Blood, který v brzdě vydrží velice dlouhou bez jakéhokoliv zásahu a má skvělé ochranné a mazací vlastnosti těsnění uvnitř brzdy.

Brake lever

  • brake lever body is made of a unique Carbotecture® material developed by the company. MAGURA also develops for its MT disc brakes
  • brake comes with a 2-finger aluminium lever with excellent modulation and high power transmission thanks to the longer lever
  • detachable handlebar clamp is made of Carbotecture® material (the lever can be removed without removing the grips)
  • clamp can be exchanged for a MAGURA shiftmix to mount Shimano or Sram trigger shifters (sold separately)
  • lever is equipped with EBT bleed screw (Easy Bleed Technology) for easy bleeding
  • MAGURA HS33 brake lever is reversible or flip-flop and can therefore be used on either the left or right hand
  • MAGURA HS33 lever offers the possibility of adjusting the distance of the lever from the handlebars with a torx T25 wrench
  • lever also offers easy adjustment of the free stroke (bringing the brake pads closer to the rim) without the need for additional tools using the TPA wheel

Brake calipers

  • the calipers are equipped with snap-on pistons for easy fitting of the brake pads
  • Caliper can be mounted using EVO2 adapter for V-Break / Cantisocket mounts
  • EVO2 adapter is supplied with a large connecting horseshoe and a small reinforcing horseshoe
  • EVO2 adapter also includes a quick release mechanism to facilitate removal of the brake caliper and thus removing the front/rear wheel
  • each caliper is made of one piece of aluminium

Brake pads

  • MAGURA HS33 caliper is supplied with black MAGURA brake pads
  • brake pads are designed for rims with a polished braking surface without paint

Brake hose

  • the brake is supplied with a plastic hydraulic hose
  • the length of the unshortened hose is 2000mm
  • parts for connecting the shortened hose to the required length are also included


  • the weight of the whole brake is 480g including the full length of hose and EVO2 adapters

Video - Magura HS - Installation of EVO2 adapter

Video - Magura HS - brake hose shortening

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Data sheet

Lever brake position
Left hand
Right hand
Brake caliper pistons
Brake model line
Brake use
XC / Cross-Country
Brake caliper mount
V-Break (Cantisocket)
Brake lever blade
Brake type
Rim brake
Brake clamp material
HIGO compatibility

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Hydraulic rim brake MAGURA HS33 | silver | 2-finger

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