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HOPE brake pads | V4 | sintered | gold
HOPE brake pads comparsion
HOPE brake pads comparsion

HOPE brake pads | V4 | sintered | gold


HOPE Sintered or metallic brake pads suitable for HOPE V4 brake caliper models. HOPE Sintered brake pads are designed for all weather conditions including rain and wet. Sintered or metallic pads heat up very quickly and can evaporate water better, but also create more noise due to increased friction on the disc. HOPE Sintered pads deliver a quick onset of braking power and have an extended service life. However, these pads are not recommended for long descents as they can generate a large amount of heat on the disc. The pads are designed for XC, Trail/AM, Enduro, DH, Tandem as well as electric bikes.

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  • HOPE Sintered brake pads suitable for HOPE V4 brake caliper models
  • HOPE Sintered brake pads are great for wet and low temperature conditions
  • HOPE Sintered pads brake deliver high performance and heat up faster = evaporate water quickly
  • Sintered pads have a high metal content and are thus louder than e.g. all-conditions pads made of organic compound (resin)
  • these pads are not recommended for long and demanding descents, as they can generate high amounts of heat to the disc
  • the use of original HOPE discs has also reduced vibrations during braking even under high loads

Thanks to their properties, these pads will serve you well especially in cold weather and also in wet conditions. The plates heat up quickly and can evaporate water better. Increased pad endurance, but also noise level.

HOPE brake pads are manufactured by GALFER. These are some of the best pads on the market for HOPE brakes.

Brake pads compactible with brakes

  • HOPE Tech 3 V4
  • HOPE Tech 4 V4

Package content

  • 2x brake pad HOPE Sintered (for 1 brake)
  • 1x expansion spring between the brake pads
  • 1x brake pads retaining pin
  • 1x locking cotter pin of the locking screw

Brake pads bedding process

To achieve maximum braking performance all newly fitted pads will need bedding in, this is an important process and should not be skipped. If pads are not bedded in the pad surface will become glazed, severely affecting the frictional properties of the pads, resulting in poor braking performance.

To bed in the pads, ride at a moderate speed, rolling down a gentle slope is perfect. Gently apply the brake without attempting to fully stop and then release. Let the bike get up to speed again, this allows time for cooling and prevents too much heat buildup, repeat several times. You should be able to feel the brake power increasing with every stop, end the procedure when you achieve good braking performance.

Sintered pads take longer to bed in than organic pads, a general rule is that the more durable the pad compound is, the longer it will take to bed in. The brake will reach its full potential after a few rides.

Brake pads HOPE by Galfer characteristics

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Sintered (gold)

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HOPE brake pads | V4 | sintered | gold

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