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Brake lever HOPE Tech 4 | black

Brake lever HOPE Tech 4 | black


The HOPE Tech 4 brake lever builds on many years of experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic brake systems. The HOPE Tech 4 brake lever delivers more force when compared to the previous Tech 3 lever (up to 30%). The HOPE Tech 4 lever uses an all new internal seal to reduce friction and the pivot pivots on roller bearings, allowing for reduced spring stiffness. The lower spring stiffness in turn provides a lighter lever action, reducing rider hand fatigue and maintaining the legendary feel and power modulation when braking. The lever shape has been updated to provide a more ergonomically oriented shape to provide the best mechanical advantage when braking. Improved integration with shifter mounts with a greater range of angle and horizontal adjustment.

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  • The HOPE Tech 4 lever has been completely redesigned compared to the Tech 3 version, using the experience gained from the previous Tech 3 model
  • performance improved by approx. 30% thanks to a longer lever and smaller piston and an increase in the mechanical and hydraulic ratio, respectively
  • The result is a more linear relationship between brake pressure and lever force, providing better control with more usable force over the full range of engagement point and lever pitch settings
  • The HOPE Tech 4 lever uses an all-new internal seal to reduce friction along with a new pin design with roller bearings, resulting in a noticeably lighter feel and smoother lever operation
  • The new hinged clamp on the HOPE Tech 4 lever makes installation even easier with fewer parts, which also contributed to the weight reduction!
  • With the new SHIMANO / SRAM shifting sleeve and adapters (sold separately), there is now more room for adjusting the angle (within 30°) and horizontal shifting of the shifter / droppers seatpost
  • Increased reservoir area helps reduce the height of the tank, resulting in a more integrated and sleeker look for the lever on the handlebars
  • Independent adjustment of lever travel and lever step allows for fully customised brake feel and performance
  • New "flatter" end lever design provides better feel throughout the entire lever travel range, making it easier to modulate/dispense force anywhere during the lever stroke
  • More holes drilled into the end lever then help improve lever grip in wet and muddy conditions (and also help save a few extra grams)
  • left and right hand versions available

Package includes

  • 1x brake lever HOPE Tech 4
  • 1x olive HBSP159
  • 1x HOPE barbed fitting HBSP160
  • 1x HOPE shroud nut HBSP159
  • 1x HOPE copper seal M6 HBSP26
  • 1x HOPE copper seal HBSP161
  • 1x HOPE straight bolt HBSP163

Compatibility with HOPE calipers

  • HOPE E4
  • HOPE V4
  • HOPE Trial Zone
  • HOPE X2


  • HOPE Tech 4 brake lever weight = 108g (including fittings)

Be aware!

The HOPE Tech 4 brake lever is only compatible with DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Do not use mineral oil for filling, which would damage the internal seals of the lever!

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Brake lever HOPE Tech 4 | black

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