Dropper post Magura VYRON eLECT | 30,9mm | 100mm


Electronic dropper post Magura VYRON eLECT. Finaly wireless dropper post, which makes installation in every bike very easy. Dropper post is supplied with battery, which can make almost 400 activation on one full charging (this means that it will last many rides before discharging). Dropper post Magura is supplied also with handlebar wireless remote Magura eLECT, whith which you can also control compactible eLECT acessories like Magura rear shock of front fork. Remote is made for every handlebars (it is installed on the handlebars thank to rubber o-ring). The remote perfectly matches with Magura MT levers. Dropper post have diameter 30,9mm. The travel height is 100mm. Total weight of the dropper post is 595g.

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  • wireless electronic dropper post Magura VYRON eLECT
  • fully electronic with Magura remote ANT+ eLECT on handlebars
  • with ANT+ eLECT remote you can control also other compactible eLECT parts like Magura fork or rear shock
  • NiMh battery, which can be fully charged in cca 3 hours
  • battery will last cca 400 activations (many rides till it will be completely discharged)
  • when the Magura ANT+ eLECT remote is discharged, the dropper post can be controled with button directly on the dropper post below saddle
  • dropper post is filled with air with standard shock / fork pump
  • increasing / decreasing of the air pressure inside (please see the manual for the min / max pressures) will change the speed of dropper post
  • charging of battery with standard microUSB cable and connector

The package includes

  • dropper post Magura VYRON eLECT witch battery and wireless receiver
  • wireless remote Magura ANT+ eLECT on handlebars
  • cap for ANT+ eLECT remote (you will use it when don't have other eLECT accesories like shock / fork)
  • battery for ANT+ eLECT remote
  • rubber rings and reduction for easy install of ANT+ eLECT remote on handlebars
  • charging micro USB cable
  • manual

Dimensions and weight

  • dropper post travel lenght Magura VYRON eLECT = 100mm
  • dropper post diameter = 30,9mm
  • dropper post total lenght = 396mm
  • minimum frame insertion = 120mm
  • weight = 595g

Data sheet

Seatpost diameter
Seatpost height

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