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Brzda MAGURA Gustav PRO | hliníková PRO páčka


The MAGURA Gustav PRO hydraulic disc brake is a member of the eBike and Gravity series of brakes designed for demanding riders and conditions like all-mountain, enduro, downhill and e-bike! The 4-piston caliper offers high performance. The MAGURA Gustav is compatible with the Bosch ABS system. It delivers very consistent performance in all conditions! The lever body is made of MAGURA Carbotecture® material, which allowed the use of the Easy Link (snap-on tubing connection) in a small body. Brake lever body is supplied with an aluminium lever blade model PRO. The MAGURA Gustav caliper is a single piece of aluminium alloy with magnetic 19mm pistons that hold the pads in place without an expansion spring! The lever is reversible and can be used on the left or right side of the handlebar.

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The rebirth of the MAGURA Gustav evokes memories of the "good old days". The performance of the first MAGURA Gustav disc brake, named after the founder of the company. MAGURA, was legendary, unrivalled and the current PRO version continues in this vein. It sets new technical standards in MAGURA brakes, brings the much appreciated performance modulation of MAGURA brakes, long-term reliability in all circumstances! This brake can stop DH, Enduro or even heavy eBikes and e-bikes.

MAGURA GUSTAV PRO - Because size matters!

Danny MacAskill - Riding slabs with the New Magura Gustav Pro Ebike brakes!

Brake lever

  • the brake lever body is made of a special MAGURA Carbotecture material, which MAGURA has been developing for its MAGURA MT and HS brakes for several years
  • MAGURA Carbotecture is a blend of medium-length carbon fibre and special high-tech polymers, which makes the MAGURA Gustav PRO lever lightweight but very strong
  • The ergonomic aluminium brake lever of the MAGURA PRO with a very comfortable grip delivers a large amount of stopping power
  • The new PRO version is based on the MAGURA HC-W brake lever, which was designed by Loic Bruni (multiple World Downhill Championship winner)
  • Compared to the MAGURA MT brake family (e.g. MT7 PRO), the end lever is slightly further away from the handlebars by default, which is suitable for people with medium or longer fingers
  • the end lever is now connected to the lever body by a screw, making it very easy to replace the lever with another or a new one
  • the sleeve that holds the lever to the handlebar is made of aluminium alloy and the lever can be removed from the handlebar without removing the grips or the shifter
  • the sleeve can be fitted with an adapter to mount a Shimano or Sram shifting/saddle control (sold separately) directly to the brake lever sleeve
  • the socket is "snap-on" so there are no bolt heads peeking towards the body and legs which increases rider safety
  • precision-engineered and tested hydraulic radial system, perfect operation and brake sensitivity using the time-tested MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
  • larger quantity in the lever oil chamber (7ml) ensures smooth brake operation and performance even when the pads are down to the recommended minimum
  • the lever is equipped with EBT bleed screw - Torx T25 (Easy Bleed Technology) for easy bleeding (see video below)
  • with the MAGURA PRO brake lever it is possible to adjust the distance of the lever from the handlebar without the need for tools (by turning the wheel on the end lever)
  • Connection of the hose to the lever by the unique MAGURA Easy Link mechanism (Plug & Play for bikes) where it is not necessary to bleed the brake after connection (unless the hose is shortened)
  • the new MAGURA Easy Link connection has the same diameter end cap as the hose itself, so there is no need to cut and remove the end cap when pulling it through the frame
  • the hose outlet from the lever is now parallel to the handlebars to reduce the chance of it being torn off or damaged in a crash, thus maintaining a cleaner look to the handlebars
  • the hose cap has a fluo-yellow stripe to match the GUSTAV caliper
  • the brake lever is compatible with the BOSCH ABS system (intermittent braking similar to cars) which brings better traction control for heavy electric bikes
  • the brake lever is equipped with a large 12mm piston in radial direction - the piston is pushed in the same direction as the brake lever = great control of braking power (modulation)

Brake caliper

  • MAGURA Gustav PRO caliper is equipped with 4 separate pistons with a diameter of 19mm
  • MAGURA GUSTAV 4-piston caliper has black piston nuts with neon yellow cover rings
  • the caliper is equipped with magnetic Xchange pistons that hold the plates in place, eliminating the need for a spacer spring between the plates
  • Swivel banjo brake hose connection using a torx T25 wrench to point the caliper hose in the right direction
  • post mount or PM mounting of the brake caliper
  • the caliper now has a larger gap between the pads and the disc compared to the MT7 PRO, so it is easier to adjust everything and the caliper disc will not clink and rub against the pads
  • the caliper can now accommodate not only 2mm discs but also 2.5mm MAGURA discs
  • the caliper comes with MAGURA 13.S pads or a model that now has 40% more compound and lasts a really long time
  • the 13.S pads are equipped with a cooling grid that extends above the caliper and thus dissipates even more the heat generated by the friction of the disc
  • This is a pad model where each piston has a separate pad for each piston, so that each piston works independently of the other
  • the MAGURA compound is organic (with less than 30% metals) universal for any situation
  • the caliper is made of a single piece of forged aluminium and there is no loss of power as with a split caliper
  • M6 bolts are also included for attaching the caliper to the frame or fork (using a torx T25 wrench)
  • the caliper now has a new vent port, which has been repositioned to ensure easier venting without the need for a special mandrel


  • the brake is supplied with a 5mm diameter kevlar hydraulic hose
  • the length of the unshortened hose is 2200mm

Recommended disc rotor

  • for all types of applications including demanding ones (Gravity or eBike etc.) we recommend MAGURA MDR-S 2.5 discs (2.5mm thickness) and specific grooving which reduces the time required for the bed-in process
  • the brake can also be combined with MAGURA MDR-P or MAGURA MDR-P CL (2.0mm thick) semi-floating discs for Center Lock with aluminium sleeve and steel outer ring
  • For less demanding applications, the lighter MAGURA STORM HC or MAGURA MDR-C or MAGURA MDR-C CL (2.0mm thick) discs for Center Lock can be used, available in diameters


  • weight of the whole brake is 348g including full length of hose, without disc and M6 mounting screws

Contents of the package

  • 1x brake MAGURA GUSTAV | PRO 1-finger lever blade
    • brake lever + hose + caliper with pads
  • 2x stopper against leakage of liquid from the hose when shortening it
  • 2x M6 bolt (torx T25) for attaching the caliper to the frame / fork
  • 2x washer for M6 screw
  • 1x MAGURA GUSTAV manual
  • 1x set of MAGURA stickers
  • 2x transport and spacer for MAGURA GUSTAV caliper


MAGURA GUSTAV BRAKE IS DELIVERED DISCONNECTED! The caliper comes with a hose attached and both parts are pre-filled with Royal Blood mineral oil. The lever is supplied separately but is also filled with Royal Blood mineral oil. Using the hose end and the so-called MAGURA Easy Link, the hose can then be connected to the lever and the brake is immediately ready for use without the need for bleeding! Both the lever and the hose leading from the caliper are secured against fluid leakage during transport by a special cap, which must be removed before connecting.

Handlebar Shifter clamps (not included):

  • brakes can be combined with SRAM or SHIMANO shifter mounts (it is necessary to buy directly MAGURA Shiftmix)
  • Shimano iSpec I and iSpec II
  • Shimano iSpec EV
  • Sram Matchmaker

Important information

For correct brake lever installation, read the manual supplied with each brake carefully!
Observe the prescribed maximum and recommended tightening torques for all MAGURA GUSTAV PRO brake components! Failure to observe the torques as per the manual may void the warranty!

To ensure proper brake performance, it is always necessary to carry out the bed-in process or the pad and disc pre-engagement process. The process is as follows. Start the bike at about 20km/h and then brake to a speed of about 5km/h. Repeat the process at least 20 times (max 30 times is enough) for each brake (front and rear) separately! After this process, the pads should be pre-loaded (slightly ground), the disc should be slightly smoothed (ground) and the brake should have optimum braking power, which will still increase slightly over time with each meter braked (not travelled). This process will ensure that the brake behaves well and correctly.

5-year warranty against leaks

MAGURA offers a 5-year warranty on leaks! MAGURA guarantees the FIRST OWNER a 5-year warranty against leaks in the brake lever, caliper and pistons if the brake is installed on the bike as an original accessory or purchased as an additional part from an official MAGURA dealer. This warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. Registration is not required to confirm the validity of this 5 year warranty!

MAGURA GUSTAV PRO - Filling and bleeding

MAGURA GUSTAV PRO - Fast bleeding

MAGURA GUSTAV PRO - Installing Shiftmix for SRAM and SHIMANO shifting/controls

MAGURA GUSTAV PRO - Change of lever blade

MAGURA GUSTAV PRO - Change of brake pads

MAGURA GUSTAV PRO - Change of lever top cap


Data sheet

Brake pad compound
Lever brake position
Left hand
Right hand
Brake caliper pistons
Brake model line
Brake use
Trail / All Mountain
Brake caliper mount
Post Mount (PM)
Brake lever blade
Brake type
Disc brake
Brake pad model
13.S Sport
Brake hose type

Specific References


MAGURA | Brzdy | Gustav | Manual

Download (938.82KB)

Brzda MAGURA Gustav PRO | hliníková PRO páčka

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