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Brake HOPE Tech 4 E4 | kevlar hose | silver-purple

Brake HOPE Tech 4 E4 | kevlar hose | silver-purple


HOPE Tech 4 E4 builds on more than 25 years of experience in the design of hydraulic brake systems. The HOPE Tech 4 brake lever uses a new internal piston seal to reduce friction and the pivot now pivots on roller bearings compared to the Tech 3 version, which has reduced the stiffness of the piston spring. The lower spring stiffness therefore provides a lighter lever action, reducing rider forearm fatigue during long braking sessions. The longer end lever also provides increased power and better modulation of braking. The updated E4 caliper uses hybrid style pistons with a smooth stainless steel outer shell with phenolic liner allowing for smoother movement and less maintenance, while still being able to handle high temperatures without heat transfer during extreme use and descents.

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Brake lever

  • the brake lever body is made on CNC machines from 2014 T6 aluminium alloy, which is used in aerospace
  • ergonomic aluminium brake lever with a very soft step thanks to the roller bearings
  • longer lever offers a 30% increase in power over the Tech 3 version and modulation or power delivery over a longer lever step range
  • the end of the lever is equipped with small dimples at the end for firm contact between the gloved finger and the lever surface
  • thanks to the "snap-on" handlebar sleeve, the profile is reduced and there are no protruding screws
  • the lever can be combined with adapters for mounting the shifter directly on the brake lever sleeve with a 30° tilt
  • the lever is specifically left or right handed and the correct model must be purchased for its positioning
  • the lever can be removed from the handlebars without removing the grips or the shifter
  • 9.5mm brake piston is sealed with 1x conical seal and 1x o-ring
  • precision machined and tested hydraulic axial system using DOT 5.1 brake oil
  • with the HOPE Tech 4 brake lever it is possible to adjust the distance of the lever from the handlebar and the lever step without the need for tools (by turning the wheels on the end lever)
  • expansion tank cap, available in various colour combinations (black, silver, purple, red, blue, orange)
  • set screws for adjusting the lever pitch and distance can be purchased in different colour combinations (black, silver, purple, red, blue, orange)

Brake caliper

  • the caliper, like the lever, is made on CNC machines from 2014 T6 aluminium alloy, which is used in aviation
  • the caliper is made from a single piece of CNC machined aluminium and there is no loss of power as with a split caliper
  • The HOPE E4 caliper is a 4-piston caliper, i.e. it contains a set of 4 independent pistons
  • The large 16mm pistons give the brake high performance in all situations
  • the pistons are hybrid or made of smooth stainless steel and are filled with phenolic inserts to absorb the increased heat load
  • the caliper is equipped with an expansion spring between the brake pads
  • the pads are secured in the caliper by a locking screw
  • the caliper is supplied with organic HOPE Race brake pads (green)
  • This is a compound that has increased efficiency, long life and is faster to break in
  • this is a version of the pads that is bonded into one via 2-pistons on each side
  • WARNING: the pads must be run in before use, or the bed-in process must be carried out (repeated starting and smooth braking)
  • swivel banjo brake hose connection, which allows the hose to be directed away from the caliper and towards the wheel
  • post mount or PM mounting of the brake caliper
  • M6 screws for mounting the caliper to the frame or fork (using an inbus wrench) are also included
  • precision engineered and tested hydraulic system using DOT 5.1 brake oil


  • the brake is supplied with a 5mm diameter kevlar hydraulic hose
  • the length of the unshortened hose is 2000mm
  • parts for shortening the hose to the required length are also included (1x hose barbed fitting / 1x hose olive / 1x copper seal)

Recomended disc rotor

  • combine the brake with HOPE Floating, HOPE Standard brake discs
  • Recommended discs are available in 140, 160, 180, 183, 185, 200, 203, 205, 220 and 225mm diameters


  • the weight of the whole brake is 343g including the full length of hose, without disc and fixing M6 screws)

Package content

  • 1x brake HOPE Tech 4 E4
    • master lever + hose + caliper with brake pads / filled with brake oil and ready to go
  • 1x hose olive HOPE HBSP159
  • 1x hose barbed fitting HOPE HBSP160
  • 1x copper seal HOPE HBSP161
  • 2x M6 key (inbus 6mm) for tightening on frame / fork
  • 2x washer below M6 bolt
  • 1x manual HOPE Tech 4
  • 1x sticker HOPE

Adapters for shifters (not included):

  • brakes can be combined with SRAM or SHIMANO shifter mounts (it is necessary to buy HOPE adapters directly)

Important informations

Read the manual supplied with each brake carefully for correct brake installation!

Video - HOPE brake hose shortening

Video - How to bleed the HOPE brakes

Video - HOPE brakes caliper aligment and lube

Video - HOPE brake bite point and reach aligment

Video - HOPE brake pad change


Data sheet

Brake pad compound
Lever brake position
Left hand
Right hand
Brake caliper pistons
Brake model line
Brake use
Trail / All Mountain
Brake caliper mount
Post Mount (PM)
Brake pad model
Racing (green)
Brake lever color
Brake caliper color
Colour of brake accessories
Brake hose type

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Brake HOPE Tech 4 E4 | kevlar hose | silver-purple

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